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Haverstick Bros., Inc.

Haverstick Bros., Inc. of Lancaster, PA provides expert hydraulic services for all your agricultural and industrial needs. We offer quality hydraulic products at reasonable prices and help you GO GREEN by saving money and saving the Earth. We offer a wide range of hydraulic products and services, from hoses to filters, honing to oil maintenance. We work with only the best names in the hydraulic and oil industry, providing safe, efficient and affordable products.

Haverstick Bros., Inc. Products and Services Include:

  • Mechanical transmission products
  • Hydraulic products
  • Cylinders and adapters
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Couplers - quick disconnect
  • Vavles and filters
  • Pumps and motors
  • Accessories
  • Cylindar repairs

We Offer Havbro Hydraulic Parts Including:

  • Piston rods with 100,000 psi yield stregnths, plated with hard chrome and polished smooth. Stock sizes to 4" in diameter and selected sizes of metric dimensions.
  • Honing services - We can hone your cylindar barrel in sizes to 12" bore.
  • Barrels are available in selected sizes, so please call us for more information.

We also offer hydraulic system design service, hose assemblies and hose ends. Please call us today to find out more about these specific hydraulic services.

Oil Maintenance Specialists - We Help You Go GREEN and Save Money!

Oil recycling system
· Remove dirt particles, water and contaminants, which reduces engine wear
· Keeps the desirable oil additives
· Extends the drain intervals by 5 or more times
· Reduces time needed to service your equipment
· Good for the environment with fewer spills and less disposal risk
Environmentally friendly oil clean-up
· Approved by the EPA for landfills or it can be safely incinerated
· Super absorbent - a 5 lb bag absorbs about 5 gallons of oil
· Natural sphagnum peat moss from Canada repels water after the drying process and absorbs hydrocarbons like oil, fuel, paint and blood
· Nontoxic and biodegradable, an regenerates when placed in a landfill without changing natural chemical structure
Power-Up Lubricants
Additives to enhance lubricating
· Extends service life - increase component life by 2 times more
· No more dry starting - lubricant is retained on engine and pump wear parts
· Prevents cavitations and decreases wear and stress on hydraulic pumps
· Better fuel economy and cleans fuel systems
· Extends time of oil change intervals
· Grease does NOT separate at high temps and lubricates better

Contact Haverstick Bros., Inc. today at 717-392-5722 for all of your Lancaster, PA hydraulic supplies needs.

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Haverstick Bros., Inc.
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